Magical Spaces 3 Point Safety Design®.

This Unique 3 Point Safety Design® is registered and trademarked on the worldwide database making this design exclusive to Magical Spaces UK.

By using all 3 of these features together is what makes our design unique to us at Magical Spaces and you will not find this 3 Point Safety Design® anywhere else in the world!

Expertly Handcrafted Lapjoint

Our strong and expertly handcrafted lap joint ensures the wooden frame will not move when it is correctly screwed into place.

This unique feature takes away the risk of the upright legs splaying and causing injury or trapped fingers.


Metal Screw Inserts

We use metal screw inserts to prevent the wood from splitting and stripping out. This special feature makes it possible for numerous den constructions and deconstructions without any problems at all.

Solid Ground Supports

At the beginning of our den crafting journey, we used thick pine dowelling to join our two A frames sides together. But after having to replace quite a few dowel supports for our customers we decided to go for something a bit more robust. We now use the same strong wood that we use for our A frame. This prevents accidental breakages, it makes our dens much more solid and it also gives our frames a beautifully handcrafted finish.

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